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Getting Started

A domain is a website address. It replaces the confusing sets of numbers the Internet really works on and makes your site easier to remember. It’s how people find you on the web, how they know where to send your Email, etc.

When choosing your Domain name you should select a term or name that people would use to search for your site. Usually this is your brand name, company name or a derivative thereof. Consider what you do when using a search engine like Google, to help you choose your domain name.

Got The Domain Name? Here’s how to Register it

Always remember that a domain name should be as short as possible but should be something that you think people would remember. A domain like would not be the best. However, would be perfect! Got it?

Domains come with things called “extensions” such as .com,, .fr, .org. There are many of these extensions to choose from. Some require you to own a brand name. Some require that you are in a specific recognised profession. Most, however, allow you to use them as long as the domain name with that extension isn’t already taken.

If you would like a domain extension that we don’t currently have available in our listing (for example .club) please open a support ticket and we’ll add it for you and quote you a price.

So now that you know how to find and register your domain, how about doing a quick search now and let’s see whether your chosen domain is available? Click HERE to check your domain availability.

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