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Getting Started

Our Host-1 Premium Email service takes all you need and brings it to one place. All your contacts, calendars, tasks, documents, files and folders – all accessible and shareable via a rich Webmail Client which gives you access to your Email, allowing you work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.


In addition to the rich Webmail experience above, Host-1 Premium Email works with Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora and many other POP or IMAP applications on your computer. If you opt for the Pro service you also get Exchange-like MAPI so you are able to synchronise your calendars and contacts with all your devices, including your mobile phone or tablet. Our system is compatible with Android, iPhones, iPads and Windows phones.

Trash Retention

Never worry about pressing the Delete key again! Our trash retention allows you to recall deleted Email up to 30 days from the time your finger slipped over that Delete key. Host-1 Email = Peace of Mind.


Depending on the service you go for, Host-1 also offers mail archiving. This means you would be able to have mail restored from a backup archive for anything up to 10 years. Be compliant with laws relating to Email retention.

Email Setup

Setting up your Email clients, phones and computers couldn’t be easier with our easy to use documentation and ever helpful support staff. Setting up is a doddle and you’ll be using the service in no time.

Convinced that Host-1 Premium Email is for you? Just click HERE and we’ll take you to the choices you have available.

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