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Getting Started

What is a VPS? Well – with modern technology at our fingertips (literally) we are able to host top-tier servers for you very inexpensively and we’re easily able to support you as you use them.

A VPS is often a good choice for small to medium businesses. They work largely in the same way as dedicated servers, although there can be multiple VPS units on one large host server. Each VPS has it’s own unique space, its own unique IP address and each one can have many different software packages and individual operating systems installed. They are each completely separate, individual servers and one server has absolutely no access to any other servers on the same host. Virtual Private Servers are used very successfully to host websites, file servers and mail servers.

Our VPS servers are all Professional Quality and come with a full support package included, with out of hours and emergency support. Our “hands, ears and eyes” service ensures your server rental is smooth and trouble free.

Every VPS has an option to have cPanel installed (thoroughly recommended) for a small additional cost each month. cPanel offers a variety of free software packages to install and easy server management. cPanel is the world’s most popular server control panel. We supply the full package, with both WHM and cPanel both installed on every server you add the option to.

Every VPS is completely backed up and the backup stored away from the host server every night, for complete peace of mind. cPanel backups are also taken on a daily basis, giving you 100% confidence that your data is secure.

Our hosting environment is secured by multiple firewalls and the infrastructure at our shared data centre is legendary. With full backup generator and dark fibre into Telehouse, you are as safe as your own applications on the server allow. We also install a software firewall and monitor on each server which carefully watches the incoming traffic and the requests the server receives. Any attempts to log-in using root credentials are blocked after three failures and need to be manually released if needed. This way, anything that gets through the main firewall setup is blocked at your server’s front door.

Want to go ahead and choose your VPS plan? Please click HERE and we’ll take you to them. Choose the one best suited for you and click the ORDER button to proceed to the check-out.

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